Coronavirus Precautions

Wear a mask. Save lives. We're taking this seriously and want to keep you safe while you have fun.
Our staff all follow the protocols below to ensure your safety.
  • Mandatory Masks - For the safety of all our customers, a mask is required to enter the gallery.
  • Social Distancing - To ensure people are safe, we request you keep at least 6 feet for Social Distancing
  • Enhanced Cleaning - While we always like to keep things looking nice and tidy, we're performing deep cleaning frequently.
  • Protective Supplies - We have sanitizer and protective supplies available within the store.
  • Occupancy Limits - To keep everyone safe we're enforcing the current state-required occupancy limits.
  • Contactless Payment - Easily pay with just a tap of your card or phone payment method and reduce the risk of cash payments.
  • Easy Pickup & Quick Shipping - We offer free pickup for your orders. If you want to order over the phone, we'll be happy to send you photos! Pickup your order anytime, no charge. We also can ship your items to you quickly for a reasonable cost.